Waterfall photo frame effects




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* Now decorate your pictures with high quality Waterfall frames.
* which makes you feel that take you at beautiful waterfalls đŸ™‚
* Everyone has a dream to visit famous waterfalls in the world.
* Everyone show interest to take photos at waterfalls.
* Don’t compromise with that we develop this application for you.
* Now you can decorate your photos with famous waterfall frames.
* Waterfall Photo Frame will help you have a wonderful photo with waterfall Frame.
* Would you like your pictures to be appearing in the beautiful and magical waterfalls?
* These waterfall frames are ideal for you to frame your memories and make them unforgettable.
* Surprise your kids by embedding their images in the waterfall frames.
* This app is combination of “Photo frames” app and “Glow paint” app and write “Text on photo”apps.
* This is the best and beautiful Waterfalls photo frames that insert your beloved photos to different types of hd Waterfalls.
* You can pic your photos from gallery and fit into the photo Waterfalls and save it in your phone sd card.
* Waterfall Photo Frame is developed to make amazing and beautiful photos.
* Waterfall Photo Frame is collection of beautiful Waterfall photo frame. Use any photo frame and make amazing Waterfall image.
* This app lets you add Waterfall frames to your favourites pictures from gallery or take it from your camera.
* This app also contain glow draw effect.
* By using this you can draw any thing on that frames with glitter and glow effects..
* We provide different types brushes. 4 types of glow brushes , 2 types of rainbow brushes, 2 types of emboss brushes.
* This glow effect takes more beauty to your Waterfall photo frames.
Waterfall photo frames Features:

1) Select your photo or your baby or your friends or family member photos from gallery or take it from your phone camera.
2) Select your favourite Waterfall frame from the available frames.
3) Fit selected photo in Waterfall frame by drag, rotate , zoom in or zoom out. We provide user friendly options to set your photo in beautiful waterfall frames.
4) You can add text on this Waterfall frame with different fonts and different colours and various font sizes.
5) You can also write text on that frames using your hand with glitters style. by using your own hand writing .
6) You can also draw different diagrams with different styles of glitter effects . draw glow diagrams with this option.
7) Save your beautiful designed Waterfall frame on SD card “../Waterfallphotoframes” folder.
8) You can set these edited Waterfall photo frames as a your phone wallpapers.
9) Share your edited image to your friends or family members through social network sites like facebook, twitter, gmail, whatsapp etc…

Its Unique user interface stands out from other apps.
Waterfall Photo Frames is Absolutely free to try.


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